Contributing to a Platform for Change

Like many others, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks since the election thinking a lot about new ways to empower and amplify all the voices fighting for justice. While it’s not easy to know what to do in a situation like the one we find ourselves in, I’m reminded of words from Bryan Stevenson, a civil rights lawyer, who spoke at my graduation back in June. His entire speech was insightful and inspiring, and one particular request stuck with me: get proximate.

Predictive Auto-scaling in Kubernetes - Thesis

Over the course of my final year at Williams College, I spent a lot of time working on a distributed systems thesis with Professor Jeannie Albrecht. My thesis is entitled “Predictive Pod Auto-scaling in the Kubernetes Container Cluster Manager”, and it is entirely open-source. The written portion, presentation slides, and evaluation code can be found on my Github. Additionally, our contributions to Google’s open-source cluster container manager Kubernetes can be found on my fork.