Getting Started Contributing to Popular Open-Source Projects

Few programming experiences are more informative or rewarding than meaningfully contributing to open-source software. However, even programmers with strong technical skills can experience discouragingly high barriers to entry when contributing to a new project. This barrier to entry feels particularly high for the popular, high-velocity projects. Unfortunately, these projects are often those which first catch the eye, and attract us to open source. Overwhelming. Perhaps Steve Harvey shows it best…

Programming with OCD

Like over 3 million Americans, I struggle with OCD. OCD has impacted, and probably always will in some capacity impact, my life a lot. Unfortunately, software engineering, both my career and one of my favorite hobbies, is no exception. What is OCD? via GIPHY Everyone who suffers from OCD has a different experience. For me, OCD manifests as certain distorted thoughts sticking in my brain. These sticky thoughts are typically catastrophic events touching on some of my deepest fears and most cherished values.

Contributing to a Platform for Change

Like many others, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks since the election thinking a lot about new ways to empower and amplify all the voices fighting for justice. While it’s not easy to know what to do in a situation like the one we find ourselves in, I’m reminded of words from Bryan Stevenson, a civil rights lawyer, who spoke at my graduation back in June. His entire speech was insightful and inspiring, and one particular request stuck with me: get proximate.

Hitting the Ground Running

I’ve had the pleasure of working at Flatiron Health since August 2016. Some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned have related to participating in effective code reviews. I wrote up some of my learnings in a blog post for Flatiron’s Engineering Blog. Hope you enjoy (and check out some of the other great content written by other Flatiron engineers on the blog)!