Hi, my name’s Matt :)

I work as a SWE at Flatiron Health. I graduated from Williams College where I majored in computer science and political science.

Currently, I focus most of my leisure coding time on Kubernetes and the Cloud Native ecosystem. I contribute to Kubernetes and its associated projects as much as possible, and am tremendously excited to have recently been added to the Kubernetes Github Organization.

I also run my own personal Kubernetes cluster, on which I host this blog and other applications. See this repo for the most recent information on work I’ve done and work I hope to do in the future on my personal cluster, as well as all the code :)

All my k8s work started in my senior year of college (2015-2016), when I wrote a thesis entitled “Predictive Auto-scaling of Pods in the Kubernetes Container Cluster Manager.”

In the past, I spent a couple of months in the summer of 2017 developing Sheepdoge, which is essentially Boxen but for Ansible. I also contributed to elasticsearch-dsl-py.

More broadly, I’m into open-source systems programming and developer tooling, tinkering with Linux on the desktop, Toronto sports teams, baking bread, and mental health advocacy.

You can find me on Github or reach me through email. You can find my GPG public key here.