Personal k8s Cluster Roadmap

Personal k8s Cluster Roadmap

The Problem

So far, my ideas for experimenting with my personal Kubernetes cluster have been spread out across discrete blog posts. As a result, its difficult for me, and I imagine y’all as the readers, to track a prioritized list of projects.


I also think that, in the future, it will be useful for us to be able to easily see which projects have been completed and which have not. Particularly as I plan to accompany all projects with blog posts, having a discoverable enumeration of my personal cluster’s features will give readers an easy way to know on which subjects they can expect guidance.

The Solution

I’ve centralized all of my Kubernetes related code and configuration in the personal-k8s repo.

I’ll use Github issues to aggregate planned work and Github projects to prioritize the backlog, and track in progress work.

I’m hoping this will provide a bit of organization to an undertaking for which I have a whole bunch of ideas I’m excited about!


P.S. I apologize for the interruption from the SLO Implementation series. I promise my next blog post will be on deploying Prometheus to a Kubernetes cluster :)

P.P.S There are additional reasons why I centralized all of my Kubernetes configuration and code in a single repo, but I’ll explore those in a different blog post.

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