Hi, my name’s Matt :)

I work as a SWE at Flatiron Health. I graduated from Williams College where I majored in computer science and political science.

I’m into open-source systems programming and developer tooling, tinkering with Linux on the desktop, Toronto sports teams, baking bread, and mental health advocacy.

Currently, I focus most of my leisure coding time on Kubernetes and the Cloud Native ecosystem. I try and contribute to Kubernetes and its associated projects (Helm, etc.) as much as possible. I also run my own personal Kubernetes cluster, on which I host this blog and other applications. See this repo for the most recent information on work I’ve done and work I hope to do in the future on my personal cluster, as well as all the code :)

In the past, I spent a couple of months in the summer of 2017 developing Sheepdoge, which is essentially Boxen but for Ansible. I also contributed to elasticsearch-dsl-py. In my senior year of college (2015-2016), I wrote a thesis entitled “Predictive Auto-scaling of Pods in the Kubernetes Container Cluster Manager.”

You can find me on Github or through email. I’m pretty much mattjmcnaughton everywhere on the web :)