Sdep Working

June 15, 2016
programming python open source

Just a short post to announce that sdep, the tool I wrote for deploying static websites to Amazon S3, is working! Check out the travis.yml for this blog to see how it can be used to easily continuously deploy a blog.

The most exciting personal milestone for me on this project is that its the first pip package I’ve ever published. This publishing process has brought all kinds of interesting lessons, including my first time managing semver. Additionally, sdep serves as the best example from my personal projects of scratching my own itch and eating my own dog food. I built sdep because I wanted it to be really easy to deploy my own static website using S3, and I’m actively using sdep to do just that with this blog. Finally, I’m proud of the documentation, both with respect to the code and to getting an external user up and running.

Certainly a lot of possible improvements exist, but exciting to have a working version!

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